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The Longest Trail Ride

  For horse hobbyists, trail riding and horse camping provide opportunities to take your animals into rambling and challenging terrain, test your mettle against unexpected circumstances, changing weather, local fauna and generally rough it overnight with your trail companions in a tent or trailer while your horses munch dinner in a corral. What if this […]

Being Photo bombed by a horse….

We are adding more video to our marketing of the equine real estate industry here in Oregon.  So I was messing around shooting a few clips last week, when my horse decided she wanted to be on camera…. [youtube][/youtube]   If we can help you buy or sell acreage or equine real estate in Oregon, […]

Horses Lead to Adventures in Oregon

Introducing people to a horse-rider relationship and recreating positive past horse experiences as well as building new ones is the goal of Jahn Hoover’s business Into The Wild Equine Adventures. Located in Mill City, Oregon in the heart of the mid-Willamette Valley Cascade Range, this trail riding enterprise offers inexperienced as well as past-experienced riders […]

Recycled Rails for Riders

What does recycling have to do with horseback riding? The idea of recycling old train track beds began about 50 years ago in the Midwestern states. As railways began to lose their economic advantages, they abandoned their track system and pulled up the iron railings, leaving level, hard-packed strips of land accented with bridges, tunnels […]

Trail Riding 101

By guest writer Kathy Christiansen about her first trail riding experience……   Horses and girls. It is a mysterious attraction. My sisters had horses for a time and I always enjoyed being around those alfalfa-breath beasts. I even convinced a cowboy at the State Fair to let me ride his quarter horse in the arena. […]