Where should you live in Oregon?

I get this question a lot from people moving from other states. I have lived in Oregon pretty much all of my life, so I know it pretty well. It is my pleasure to be able to share information about our beautiful State with you.

If you like lush, green terrain and mild seasons, the Willamette Valley has what you are looking for. Our summers are usually mild, in the 80-90 degree range. We usually have a week or two of high temps around 95-100. We can go years without snow in the winter. And when it does snow, it usually only lasts for 1-3 days. Usually. What we do get is a lot of rain, typically March thru May can be quite wet. We have a fantastic growing season, so if you like to garden, it’s a great location. You may want to consider areas like Salem, Dallas, Silverton, Albany or Eugene.

The coast is usually pretty breezy. I can recall one or two visits to the coast when it wasn’t windy, it is pretty rare. And of course damp, drizzly most of the time. On very rare occasions, they will get snow, but that happens once every few decades. They will get snow in the Coastal mountain range, since it has a higher elevation, but that is about 15-20 miles inland. A warm day at the coast is in the low 70’s, and those don’t happen very often. You may want to look at areas around Lincoln City, Newport Astoria and Florence.

The Cascade foothills offer more snow and freezing temperatures, due to the higher elevation. But, this does allow for slightly cooler temperatures in the summer. Most of that range is dominated by forest, so you have to like Fir trees. Check out areas around Scotts Mills, Silverton, Lyons or Molalla.

Southern Oregon is hot. They tend to have mostly mild winters, except for the Klamath Falls area which sees an average of 42 inches of snow per year. If you are looking to avoid the rain, this area is a good option. The soils often have more granite, and the ground drains better than the Valley. It is a dry heat, compared the the more humid valley, if that helps. Try areas around Grants Pass, Roseburg and Medford.

Central and Eastern Oregon have the most snow, and more freezing temperatures during the winter than the rest of the State. Central Oregon is considered high desert, so cold nights and hot days during the summer. It is quite dry, so irrigation can be important if you want pastures or a large garden/crop. The soil is pretty poor in general, lots of lava rock/sand. Of course they do not get much rain, so if you are looking for dry, consider Central or Eastern Oregon. Check out areas like Redmond, Bend and Sisters.

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