How We Get More For Our Clients

We are in a seller’s market, that is no secret. Most homes do sell in this market, even the ones that are a little dated or less than desirable. When I first started in this business, back in 1997 (gosh, I am getting old), my first Broker at the time taught me that there is a person for every house. We all have different budgets, styles, needs, etc.

Selling for top dollar in Oregon.

As your real estate broker, part of my job is to evaluate your house, who the likely buyer will be, and the current market climate. This is something the online services, such as Zillow simply can not do, at least accurately. They may be able to compare past sales in your area to determine a fair market price. But this market is changing so fast, homes that sold 4 months ago have already appreciated. And, if you read the fine print, Zillow will tell you they are only accurate 50% of the time. So, not very reliable. Knowing who will likely buy your house helps us market the home, and prepare for future hurdles such as financing and repairs if applicable.

But the most important factor is something that the online services simply do not have a handle on. Knowing the market, being in the market, working with buyers, sellers and other agents on a daily basis gives us a pulse on the market condition today. This is how we get the most for our clients, and we can do the same for you too! Just call or text Catherine at 503-999-4497 to discuss your situation today.

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