Advantages to Living in Scio, Oregon

Where? “Skio?”

No, “S-C-I-O. Scio”

Never heard of it.

Well, it’s a small town SE of Salem, East of Albany, Oregon. It sits about 25 minutes from Downtown Albany, and 35 minutes from Downtown Salem, Oregon. The population is just under 1,000 residents, making it a “small town.”

The town is surrounded by farm land, and forestry to the East. Agriculture is a big part of the community. Sheep, cattle, hay, hazelnuts and other crops are quite prevalent.

The town has some amenities, such as a post office, bar, restaurant, veterinarian, feed store, hardware store, small grocery store, gas station, auto parts store and a drive thru coffee cart.

The town is quiet. Everyone knows everyone. You can keep to yourself or get involved in community functions, such as the Scio Senior Center.

Traffic is light, of course, and there are lots of great roads to walk, ride your bike, etc.

Gilkey Covered Bridge, Scio, Oregon

Of course I can’t write about Scio and not mention the covered bridges. There are 5 covered bridges that you can tour around Scio, and it shouldn’t take more than a couple hours to see them all. Get and stretch your legs, take photos, or even go for a swim in the creeks below.

At first it may seem a bit far out, but you get used to the drive. Stayton, Salem, or Albany are nearby for major shopping needs. You rarely hear sirens. The biggest news is usually what variety of livestock are loose and running down the road.

Here is my list of advantages living in this great little community.

  1. Very little traffic. There is so little traffic, that in town, there is just one flashing red light.
  2. It can take me 25 minutes to run all of my errands. Now, of course it depends on my errand list. But, I live 3 miles out of town. I can run to the post office, pick up feed at the feed store, drive thru and buy a coffee and pick up paint at the hardware store and still be home in about 25 minutes.
  3. The community news. Like most towns, Scio has a community Facebook page. And like all pages, there is a bunch of nonsense. But, usually, the big news of the day whose livestock is out. Could be cows, sheep, goats. Occasional horse. A couple of years back, 2 mini donkeys were headed down the rail road tracks. And no, they were not mine. For a few years, there was an Emu on the loose, for years. No one could catch him until last year.
  4. Low crime. There is very little crime in and around Scio. It’s usually theft, property damage, etc. Occasionally we make the county news for something a little more serious. On a scale of 1 to 100 (high crime), ranks Scio at 11.9 for violet crime. The national average is 22.7. For property crime, Scio ranked at 31.6, vs. 35. 4 nationally.
  5. Short drive to the grocery store. The is a small grocery store in town, but of course the selection is slim. But, a 20 minute drive to Stayton or 25 minutes to Albany, and you have access to Safeway, Winco, Fred Meyers, Costco, Walmart, Bimart, Roths.
  6. Excellent High Speed Internet. Scio Mutual Telephone Association offers great internet. You can check their website for rates and speed packages.

Have more questions? Want to explore the area more? Let’s talk! Write me a comment below.

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