Lunch in Corvallis, Oregon

Bench at Corvallis Riverfront Trail
Great lunch spot in Corvallis Oregon

My husband is on vacation this week, so, I try to minimize my work schedule and take a vacation too. We don’t really get vacations in real estate like most people, taking a week or two off at a time. It’s more like half days, or a few hours, maybe 3 days in a row if we are lucky. Combine that with Covid restrictions, and there just aren’t a lot of big vacations happening recently.

So, yesterday, we decided to check out a few places we have never been, in the local vicinity. We headed to Corvallis to check out an antique store. I love them, you just never know what you are going to find! In fact, I will write another post to show you my found treasures! We also hit up a couple of thrift stores, and stumbled across a music store and repair shop, Troubadour. They had so many varieties of string and percussion instruments. They let you play with most of them, and are extremely knowledgeable about their craft. I think I should go back and write a blog about them too!

Restaurants in Corvallis Oregon
Middle Eastern restaurant in Corvallis Oregon

We wanted to have lunch in a restaurant that was offering dine-in service. With Covid, many restaurants have set up outside dining. So Google tells us that Little Morocco was offering this. Yet, when we arrived, it was not. But, the sun was out, and the Corvallis Riverfront trail with benches along the river was just 50 yards away. We took our lunch order to the bench, enjoyed the sunshine, and watched the river flow by.

There is much to see and do in Corvallis, Oregon. If you are considering buying a home on acreage around Corvallis, be sure to check out these Corvallis Oregon country homes for sale.

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