Oregon Woodsmen Tree Service of Salem, Oregon

Ryan Sims knows his trees. Growing up in Monmouth, Oregon he spent much of his free time in the woods, playing at first and later working by cutting firewood and trimming trees on his family property. As a young man he worked his way through a variety of jobs, learning how to please customers at Les Schwab Tire Center, working hard on a drilling crew in Wyoming and being exact when framing houses in his spare time.

His wife’s brother taught Ryan about mountain climbing using ropes and harnesses and Ryan saw the natural transfer of skills to a tree service business. In order to prepare himself for a start-up, he worked as a logger to learn rigging and production cutting techniques. Armed with these skills, Ryan opened Oregon Woodsmen Tree Service in April 2011.

Ryan is the climber on his crew of three men, taking the risks of roping himself high in a treetop in order to prune or thin a tree. The ground crew chips, rakes and cuts the limbs that fall to the ground. As a licensed, bonded tree service Ryan respects trees and knows the difference between a healthy trim and a damaging hack job. He doesn’t wear spikes as that would make entry points for insects and diseases. He prefers to be on every job so he can meet his customers and know their expectations.

Ryan stresses honesty and hard work as the hallmarks of his business with a top priority of pleasing his customers. He is quick to return calls, gives fair estimates and leaves the work site clean and orderly. If you have trees that need work, either trimming or removal, Ryan Sims of Oregon Woodsmen Tree Service is the man you want to call. Contact him at 503-551-5141, on Facebook or at his website. You will enjoy meeting and working with Ryan, knowing the job you want done will get accomplished!

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