A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Dollars Or More


As you drive by a property with a few fence boards missing, the weeds reclaiming the perimeter and a clutch of random soda cans littering the ditch, what do you think about the property? Well cared for? Proud owners? Maybe thinking the house and barn aren’t worth looking at?

You decide to take a chance and look at the house. You approach the front door.  Chipped paint, a dirty door knob and a slightly splintered door frame meet you. Opening the front door a stale odor, a backpack on the floor and an overly friendly dog simultaneously assault you. Still interested in looking around? The kitchen sink has lunch dishes soaking in it, traces of peanut butter edge the counter and there is meat defrosting on the stovetop.

No way you’d leave your house like that? Of course it wouldn’t be that obvious. What is it worth to prepare your property for sale? How much should you spend to give your home and property a sure sell spiff? Let’s look at some inexpensive but effective ideas.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to give your house and property appeal. You do have to do some work or hire it done to clean, repair and stage your place in order to attract buyers. Is a higher sale price worth your time?

Look at your house as a potential buyer would. Remove the clutter and simplify the view. Rent a storage unit and pile your extra furniture, knick-knacks, collections, and general “stuff” there. Make your house appear minimalist, clean and move-in ready. Repair cracks, dents, chips, breaks, punched holes, and anything that doesn’t work smoothly and properly. Wash all the windows. Scrub floors, tile, fixtures until they gleam. Gleam and shine communicate clean. Clean is very appealing.

Edge your lawn and trim back shrubbery and trees to give a manicured look to your yard. Pot up some seasonal flowers for the porch. Most gardening magazines will show you how to do this. Pressure wash your driveway or sidewalk areas. If you’re not replacing the roof, be sure to remove moss and debris and take the weeds out of the gutters. Mend fences and weed-wack around posts, barn foundations and other outbuildings. Get the cobwebs out of the rafters, sweep or rake barn floors and stalls.

Your listing realtor can give you lists of preparation tasks or you can check these popular online links here. In any case, do your homework and your housework. Make your house and property picture perfect. It’s like money in the bank!

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