Back in the Saddle Again

She was down for the count, but managed to rise to her knees. With supreme effort, she regained her balance, stepped up to the stirrup and mounted a return as a successful businesswoman. Pat Hall, better known as the Blanket Lady, is a never-say-die kind of woman. Despite her business setback some years ago she is currently operating a full scale, broad service enterprise know as Winner’s Circle Equine Center out of Sherwood, Oregon.

In 2004 Pat bought a leather repair business offering saddle and tack restoration as well as new and custom work. Pat did the work herself, deconstructing saddles to their repair point and building them back to a renewed condition. In 2005 she added a horse blanket laundry service to the business, offering delivery and quick turnaround times. The laundry service has expanded to include boat covers, tents and other large or heavy items, all machine washed with a high extraction cycle and then air-dried.

By 2011 Pat began researching better soaps, deodorizers and water repellents to use for her customers. She sells the repellents for the do-it-yourselfers but will apply the product as an additional service.  Her customer base includes owners of horses as well as dogs, cats and other critters who need their bedding, covers, blankets, stall paraphernalia and other gear laundered. Her machines can handle up to 80 pounds of fabric weight and do a great job of cleaning out animal debris.

Pat makes sure to keep her name and company services in the public eye by attending trade shows, fielding speaking engagements and being the listening ear to anyone who needs to talk through issues relating to their animals or businesses. She is committed to educating her customers on all aspects of her products and services and values them for their loyalty to her. She considers her business not just a job but a real passion in a world where many businesses are short on service. “I’m here for you” she exclaims.  Peruse Pat’s website here for a complete description of her services and fees. She continues to offer a 7-10 day turnaround on laundry items and will take special orders for any saddle or tack projects you need. Pat likes the view from her saddle again and plans on staying up there this time!


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