House and Horse Sitter Service

Kara Roller, wife, mother and lifelong horse owner recognized the need for animal owners to get away from it all occasionally and started offering her services to friends 12 years ago.  That gave them the opportunity to chill from the daily routine of feeding, letting in, letting out, turning out, and cleaning up after numerous animals in a variety of situations.

Sensing a business opportunity in this service, Kara began increasing her client list and now charges $40 per day, depending on the many factors that surround a property with animals. She has a five-dog client, a 26-horse boarding facility client as well as the one dog, one horse establishment clients.

A horse owner herself, Kara understands the difficulty finding a qualified person to entrust animals and home to for a weekend or week away. She sees this respite service as vital to owners’ mental and physical well being. She began her own horse career at five years of age with walk and trot classes. She soon began to learn the art of showing a horse through 4-H clubs and spent 18 years growing from ponies to a 17 hand thoroughbred mare.

Kara’s current equine partner is Duncan, an appendix paint in black and white. An appendix paint comes out of a Quarter Horse cross with a paint.  Duncan carries Kara on pleasure rides and keeps her horse skills current. Kara has a deep and long knowledge of horses and their sometimes peculiar and unpredictable behaviors. She will come to your house for the duration of the assignment and give your animals the best of attention and care. She will travel up to two hours from her Newberg home, depending on the length of the stay desired.

If you want a trustworthy and passionate caregiver with great references, give Kara a call at 503-487-7511 to arrange for YOUR time away, knowing that your animals and home will be in the best of hands during your absence.

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