Learn to Love Horses

Have you always wanted to actually get acquainted with a horse beyond seeing them at the State Fair? Mia Ramos will happily grant your wish at her ranch in Monroe, Oregon, just south of Corvallis, Oregon. This year she is offering people without any horse experience an opportunity to get up close and personal with a friendly equine and learn the basics of horse care such as haltering, leading, grooming and picking up the four feet they stand on. She holds weekly lessons for anyone interested. Each lesson is $25 for one hour of instruction and hands-on experiences.

In her outdoor arena and obstacle trail course she offers seasonal opportunities to  learn new or polish rusty skills in riding and horse management. She provides the animal; you provide the student. Again, her one hour rate is $25 for this weather-permitting activity.

An interesting sideline to her business is what she calls “Fun Days”. These are party-type activities for kids and families who want to visit the ranch, ride ponies and have a bar-be-que or trail ride on a lead. The quarter pony and Welsh pony Mia has are just the right size for the kiddos.

This quieter lifestyle is in contrast to Mia’s earlier career as a Lincoln County Fair Court princess, 4-H participant and leader and Grand Ronde’s  Spirit Mountain Stampede Race’s only female and three time champion participant.  That last activity lead to a “little” accident when she missed her pickup man and fell to the ground to be run over by the stampeding herd. When she awoke three days later, she found herself alive, partially blind in one eye but determined to ride again.

Undeterred by the Stampede’s elimination of that particular event, Mia now competes in the Extreme Mustang Makeover of BLM horses. Sponsored by the Mustang Heritage Foundation, wild horses are rounded up for adoption and subsequent training. They are assigned to trainers on a lottery basis who are given 90 days to train, show and compete with their wild steeds.  Mia will be competing at the national level this year in the Supreme Mustang Makeover in Fort Worth, Texas. You sure can’t keep a good woman down for long!

Growing up in the rodeo world, Mia loves that business and is starting her daughter in the Junior Rodeo activities this year. With an energetic background as that, she can offer you some exciting introductions to the world of horses. Maybe barrel racing is in your future! Contact Mia by phone at 541-220-8904 to arrange for a class or Fun Day at the Ramos Ranch.





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