When Is More Not Enough?

Is there a weather-worn For Sale sign swinging in the spring breeze in your front yard? Have  you been told to just relist your Oregon Horse property to attract new interest? Have you flipped through a year or two of calendars waiting for the right buyer to make you an offer?

Perhaps you have overlooked the three pillars of selling advice in the Oregon real estate market. Price, condition and location are the primary points of consideration to a buyer and which you, as a seller, must adequately address to attract a qualified and interested buyer to your Oregon Horse property.

The price must reflect current market values. These values change over time depending on the number of properties on the market, the number of buyers seeking property and the mortgage interest rates. Loan appraisals must match or exceed the sale price. Would you want to pay more for a horse property than it was competitively worth?

fence view

The condition of the property must go well beyond shiny granite countertops and a quick coat of paint. The house must appear very suitable for an easy and repair-free move in to a potential buyer. True, some buyers are looking for a fixer upper, but is that your property? Those listings sell at the bottom of the price range and have many points of negotiation, often to the seller’s disadvantage. The best-priced homes will be safe, clean, uncluttered and meet financing guidelines. If you can’t meet these minimum requirements you will need a cash buyer and they are rare in this market.

The location of your property is important in that it must be in an area where buyers are looking. Even a lowered price will not attract a buyer if they don’t want to live in that location.

Without addressing these three major selling points, no amount of creative or expensive advertising will sell your property, and especially Oregon horse property. Buyers and their agents know the importance of these points and will be looking to find the most value for their money. Work with me to prepare your property for optimum traffic, interest and offers and you won’t suffer that flapping, drooping For Sale sign any longer! Let’s get to work!





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