Equine and Canine Massage in Oregon

Have you experienced the soothing touch of a masseuse’s hands deeply smoothing out the kinks in your tight and tired muscles? Imagine how much your horse or dog would enjoy this experience. While your animal cannot tell you exactly what they need, you can observe their stance, gait and other movements for clues as to their comfort level.

Sarah Orloff of Topline Massage Therapy LLC  in Silverton, Oregon will come to your location for a complete assessment of your animal, determine what you want from them in terms of activity , check a horse’s hooves, the tack you use, your riding and training style, the animal’s diet and possible supplement needs.

She will then work on the horse with massage techniques particular to its individual needs or issues. If a continuing therapy plan is needed, Sarah will schedule that with you. Her goal is to educate each animal owner to maintain an optimum health level for their animal and to recognize when future therapy is needed.

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Sarah began her current career when she bought a mare to develop for resale. Despite medical treatments, the mare’s health deteriorated. Chiropractic was suggested by a friend and Sarah realized that the methods she used for her own health could be applied to her animals. She had an equine chiropractor work on her mare and then began to use her own massage techniques in an effort to relax her more regularly. The results were amazing to her! The mare began to bond with her, responding to her touch and regaining health. She was eventually sold, but that experience lead to work with friends’ horses and then to schooling with Denise Ashcraft of Bridge Creek Animal Massage.

Sarah became certified as an equine massage therapist three years ago and continues to add to her education regularly. She took a Dr. Bennett class and is presently working on her large animal acupressure certification. Her love for and enjoyment of animals keeps her constantly learning in order to help them attain a better state of health.

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Sarah charges $95 for the initial two and a half hour session which includes movement assessment, nutrition assessment, a full body massage, a full TSR (therapeutic stretch and release) stretch and a saddle fit assessment where appropriate. Follow up sessions and therapy plans are priced at other rates. See her web site or Facebook page for details. You can reach Sarah at 971-240-7987 or sarahmorloff@gmail.com. Give  your horse or dog what they really need: a human massage session.





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  1. I am now offering Acupressure…. I’m a Certified Practitioner =D yay… one more modality to offer to your horse.

    *note: website is being updated, you can also find me on FB : Topline Massage Therapy LLC

    Happy horsen!!

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