Optional Endings

As a horse owner in Oregon, you expect to enjoy many years of companionship with your animal. The average lifespan of a healthy, well cared for horse is 25 to 30 years! But as is true with all living things, the end of life comes eventually.  Knowing your options ahead of that end time can simplify your decisions about handling your horse’s body.

The obvious and cheapest alternative is to dig a hole out on the back forty and deposit your animal in it. However, this practice is not legal in all jurisdictions due to concerns over water source contaminations. Always check your local area regulations before taking this option.

A second series of options include taking your horse’s remains to a rendering facility or donating it to a place like Wildlife Safari in Oregon for animal feed. Both of these options have limitations so it is best to do a little homework.

A third option to consider is cremation. David Bielski, owner of Petland Cemetery Inc. in Aberdeen, Washington, offers a complete service to horse owners anticipating the end of life of an animal. Within this service are several alternatives to the issue of disposal. You can trailer your horse to Petland’s facility and have it euthanized by a veterinarian on the premises. The remains will be cremated within 24 hours and can be returned to you or handled at the facility.

More often, Petland is called to pick up an animal and transport it to Aberdeen for cremation. They will travel up to 150 miles before charging a transport fee and have made trips to Spokane, Pullman, Eugene and Snohomish in that radius.

The advantages of cremation include an opportunity to memorialize your pet by either retaining the remains in an urn or by scattering them on a favorite trail or location such as the beach, river or mountains. Be aware that some locations require permission before doing this. The ashes are of a sandy consistency for efficiency of space and the esthetics of retention.

Petland charges $1.10 per pound of animal to perform a private cremation. This means your animal’s ashes are only that and not mixed with those of other animals. A non-private cremation, costing $450-850 or more, depending on the weight category, utilizes the equipment for multiple animal remains and disposes of them on Petland’s property in a proper and legal manner. Urns for your pet’s ashes are available in a variety of materials including wood and metal with prices starting around $350.

David can be reached at 1-800-738-5119 or info@petcem.comcastbiz.net for more detailed information about his services. They take credit card payments and can arrange an installment payment plan if you prefer. David tells potential customers “Don’t call until you need us, but please call when you need us.” Petland is willing to work with individuals or families to make the ending of a pet’s life as smooth as possible and to give you the opportunity to seal your memories with that comfort.



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