Optimize Your Purchase of Oregon Horse Property

Are you an out-of-area  prospective buyer searching for horse property in Oregon or the Willamette Valley area?  Let me offer you the very best real estate assistance as you explore our local offerings. As a horse and property owner, I am very familiar with the many issues that must be considered before entering into an expensive property acquisition.

Front pasture of horse property for sale

Oregon horse Property

The climate and soil conditions of the Willamette Valley are very unique. When moisture combines with our soil, the resulting mud can make for very slick and dangerous footing for your equines. Topography plays into this as drainage issues are considered. I understand the ground needs of horses and can advise you on potential property features.

My extensive professional and social network provides me with a broad variety of resources that I can bring to bear on your unique property requirements. I know about trailhead locations for casual riding adventures, organizations that target special needs or services and can locate quick solutions to unusual or emergency needs that arise when dealing with animals and large property holdings.

I can help a client analyze their property and facility needs to optimize the search for just the right solution. My website is specifically designed for horse owner’s and their property needs,  including a brief questionnaire to help get you started.

If you are a property seller, my experience with horses and property in Oregon will give you the very best marketing support to enhance a focused and accurate campaign. You will receive the optimum exposure to a targeted buying audience. I am consistently on page one of Google in Oregon Horse Property term searches.

Contact me for further information and assistance. Together we can help you realized your future plans and dreams.



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