Good Fences Keep Everyone Happy

Containing or defining property with fences can be a daunting task, especially when a large parcel is involved.  If you are considering a fencing project, here are a few points to consider and then some local contractors in the Salem, Oregon area to contact for your individual needs and budget.

The first question to consider is why do I need or want a fence? Is it for privacy, containment, beautification, safety, or space definition?  Second, research your local regulations before planning your fence.  Thirdly, consult with a professional contractor or installer for sound advice and pricing. A poorly or improperly installed fence is very expensive to replace or repair and will be an eyesore to you and your surrounding neighbors, not to mention a public testament to your poor planning.

Horse Property Fencing Options Oregon

Horse Property Fencing Options Oregon

Finally, consider the different materials available for your fencing. Vinyl is clean and long-lasting and mostly maintenance-free but fairly ubiquitous on ranches. Masonry is available in a wide variety of styles and offers permanence and security but takes more time to install. Metal is also long-lasting but limited in styles beyond the custom gate work. Wood, a popular and quickly installed fencing product, does have a limited life span, depending on the wood used and installation method.

Once you have thoroughly considered your reasons for fencing, the length needed, local regulations and material of choice, contact more than one contractor for bids and further education about fencing issues. is a website that enables you to solicit bids by zip code, receive verified reviews and is free to use.  This could be a quick place to begin your fencing project.

Outdoor Fence Company offers standard fencing solutions as well as custom work with gates and motorized security systems. F&W Fence Company offers fencing packages at competitive prices. They provide free estimates and senior discounts.  Rick’s Custom Fencing and Decking has a Salem office now and will work with you to design and install fencing to suit your needs. Statewide Fence Company specializes in farm and ranch enclosure solutions and offers free estimates on projects.  Angie’s List, available for a subscription fee, offers customer-driven recommended businesses.

Fencing is an expensive proposition that can truly enhance your property and serve it well for years. Spend the time up front doing your research and homework and you will be happily satisfied as you walk the fence doing your morning chores, greeting your animals and planning that next project.


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