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The beginning of a new year is traditionally a time to take an assessment of certain aspects of life. In the horse ownership and riding category, there is value in the unworn or no longer used clothing, gear and themed items that are taking up closet or barn space. Why not turn them into cash and send them on their way to a new owner? Becky Fuller, owner of Bit by Bit Resale shop in Tigard will expertly help you make the most of your stored goods.

Becky learned the ropes of merchandising and selling through a career at several local upscale clothing retailers. Her daughter became involved with horse riding at a young age and as she grew, Becky saw her stash of kids’ clothing start to add up. A kernel of an idea began to grow. In researching the opportunities for a resale business in the equine market, Becky discovered that there was nothing local to the Willamette Valley in Oregon. The closest shops were in Washington state and central Oregon.

She contacted Gallops, the Tigard retailer of all things equine to see if they could forge a business relationship. To her delight, Gallops suggested maintaining separate businesses with shared customers, cross-referring people depending upon their needs and stock availability. A second floor space was available and Bit by Bit was in business!

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Becky carries a variety of items, including juvenile and adult outerwear and boots, tack in the form of bridles pads, leads, halter, girths and blankets, puzzles, books, Briar Horses collectibles, quilts and bedding, horse scenes, purses and bags. She offers gear for hunter-jumpers, western riders and English riders. All items are quality used products at reasonable prices.  She doesn’t carry helmets, which by law cannot be resold as the wear history cannot be confirmed.

Terms for selling through Bit by Bit are a consignment contract of 40% to the seller and 60% to the business. Furniture is split 50-50%. When you visit the shop, upstairs from Gallops at 17937 S.W. McEwan Road in Tigard, the white lab “Summer” will happily greet you, give you a shop tour and then tempt you to play fetch.  Becky will expertly price your goods and help you recoup some of the expenses you have incurred as you pass on useful items to the next generation or cycle of riders.


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