How long will it take to buy or sell horse property in Oregon?


There are no hard and fast guarantees on the time it takes to execute a buy or sell transaction in Oregon real estate.  For the buyer, being pre-approved for a loan amount and loan type will speed up the negotiation process once you locate the horse property of choice. The search to find such horse property can take anywhere from one day to as long as six months.  Once an offer is made and accepted, it typically takes 30-60 days to reach closing.  Getting they keys and moving in can be immediate or 3-14 days later.

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How long will it take to buy or sell Oregon horse property?

For those selling horse property in Oregon, the average time right now from listing to selling and closing is six to nine months depending on the location. These numbers are all averages and any individual piece of property can process in shorter or longer periods of time depending upon many factors, some of which cannot be foreseen. A competent real estate agent can work with you to keep your expectations in the bounds of reality. Give me a call and we can work together to reach your real estate goals.  The market is shifting again, so let’s talk about your equine real estate situation.

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