Trainer Starts Herself Early

Carrie Allen, horse trainer and owner of In Motion Sport Horses, LLC., started her career on a fence. Being determination personified, at three years of age she sauntered into the corral, clambered up a rail fence, beckoned a nearby horse to come hither and proceeded to mount the animal and take it for a walk.

Parental scolding notwithstanding, Carrie continued to pursue horses and eventually angled a job as a groom at the local race track in Grants Pass, Oregon at the age of 15.  Her dream job was to be a jockey, so she worked her way up the track ladder to gallop, pony and start racehorses under saddle. With a galloping license at 16 years of age she began to break horses under the tutelage of Performance Horse Trainer Shirley Terry. Various other track trainers also coached her through this time of equine handling development.

Carrie bought her own racehorse and by 19 years of age was training at the local track. Once she obtained her license as a public race horse trainer with the Oregon Racing Commission, Carrie became self-employed with a growing list of clients.

After six years of client work, Carrie took a position at a horse farm southeast of Salem, Oregon where she worked breeding and training thoroughbreds. Her interest gradually turned to the hunter-jumper sport horse field and she returned to Grants Pass to continue owning and operating a private horse and rider training business, In Motion Sport Horses, LLC.

When asked what methods she uses to handle and train sport horses, Carrie declared that she sees each horse as an individual animal that must be read and paced as it is ready for training. She utilizes patience, lots of repetition, discipline and reward, and a bit of natural horsemanship in her approach to each horse. She explains that she is successful because she is consistent, patient and displays integrity with both animals and people.

Several people have influenced Carrie’s career over the years. Melody Truitt of Grants Pass taught her about horse husbandry and how intensely detailed care of each animal will result in the happiness of that horse. Michael Etherly of California helped Carrie through his clinics to further her dressage training techniques with both horse and rider.

Carrie and Esmerelda finish out the 2012 season.

Carrie and Esmerelda finish out the 2012 season.

As a testimony to Carrie’s skills, she recalls a colt that was barely backed and was given to her with only 32 days to get him ready to gallop and be gate-ready to race at the Lone Oak track in Salem, Oregon. He was so well prepared that he won the Chief Joseph Futurity that year.

If you would like specialized training for you or your horse in Oregon, either of you being at any level of experience or training, then Carrie Allen of In Motion Sport Horses, LLC, is the trainer you want to contact. Her consistently positive and cheerful personality will impress you right out of the gate. She can be reached through her Facebook page or on her cell phone at 503-383-2701.


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