Pricing Horse Property in Oregon

Pricing Oregon horse property is more complicated than just picking a number out of wishful thinking. It involves a knowledgeable real estate agent who can offer qualified services to maximize your potential sale.

Comparable property surveys will reveal what recently sold properties brought on the final sale. The key here is comparable. No two properties are exactly the same, so acreage, house, outbuildings and other amenities must be taken into account and accurately valued. Adjustments can then be made for the particulars of your house, arena size, barn, land size and land quality and location.  Tell me about your Oregon Horse Property details.

Covered Arenas look great after being raked

Selling Oregon Horse Property

A knowledgeable agent will be able to price your Oregon horse property with other horse owners in mind, realizing the details that buyers are looking for in new property. A good Realtor® should know about current traffic flows or buy and sell statistics. If there are more listings than buyers, the price of your offering may be worth less than in the reverse market situation where there are more buyers than listings, thus leveraging competition for desirable property to the seller’s advantage.

Work with me, an experienced Realtor® and horsewoman, to determine the best selling price for your Oregon property and know that  you will get the very best price in the shortest amount of time.  The market is experiencing a greater demand now than it has in the last several years!



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  1. My parents lived on a large piece of horse property that they are now trying to sell. It is true that every property is different and getting an experienced realtor is super important. After their house being on the market for over a year, I think they finally found the right buyer with the help of their realtor. Thanks for sharing!

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