Can I Get Horse Property in Oregon for Zero Down?

Yes you can! Zero down horse property in Oregon involves acquiring a Veterans Administration or VA loan or a USDA Loan for rural property. In order to qualify, the property in question must be located on a USDA Zone map. See here for more information.

Marion and Polk counties in Oregon limit zero down purchases to $295,000 or less.  A recently sold property at this amount contained three acres of flat land, a four-stall barn with covered trailer parking and a single level house that had been upgraded with new windows, carpet and other amenities.  It is out there, you just need an agent that knows where the good stuff is!

Stop wasting money when buying acreage in Oregon

Stop wasting money when buying acreage in Oregon

You will still have expenses such as loan fees, inspection fees and an appraisal.  Often times, we can negotiate most of these expenses to be paid for by the seller.  You will still need a minimal amount of money, but these zero down programs cut that amount significantly.

If you qualify for a zero down loan, contact me and we’ll start the process of finding just the right horse property for you. I can help you with all the details of finding a loan as well as securing the most suitable piece of horse property with the facilities that you want at the price you qualify for. Let’s get started!



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