Are You Too Busy to Sell Your Horse Property in Oregon?


Selling horse property in Oregon takes time. If you are too busy to address the details of selling your property due to all your other busy scheduling commitments, then let me use my time to help you close the deal.

I have a wide variety of resources through my real estate contacts, social networking, equine connections and professional organizations that can help you get your property ready for sale. Time-consuming projects such as power washing fences, cleaning the barn or house, repairing fences, barns, stalls and pathways, trimming trees, shrubs and lawn, and interior and exterior painting are just some of the tasks that may be putting you off from listing your Oregon horse property. Let me find workers to handle these jobs for you so we can get your property on the market now.

We understand real estate and horses, let us put that knowledge to work for you!

We understand real estate and horses, let us put that knowledge to work for you!

Additionally, to save you time, I can do all the contract paperwork online and you can email me signatures, thus saving trips into my office or out to your home. We can work out an arrangement that is most convenient for you so that even if our schedules don’t match, we can connect in cyber space and get the job done.  Many clients love this feature, because they can sign/send paperwork at midnight if they have to!

I will send you a weekly update on any showings that occur and relate comments that were made by potential buyers. This will help you address those issues that might be holding back an offer. You will not need to contact me or chase me down as I will find you and make your selling experience a time saving one for you.  Let’s get started on selling your Oregon horse property today!


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