Smooth Sale-ing your Oregon Horse Property


Do you want your horse property to sell easily and quickly? I have three words of advice for you: prepare, prepare, prepare! You may think that your house, outbuildings and property look good enough to show, but consider what you look for when you are the buyer. I can assist you in highlighting areas and features that need attention so that your property will produce an excellent showing to prospective buyers.

I will walk your Oregon property with you, advising what changes, repairs, “spiffing” and organizing needs to be done to optimize your holdings. Make your property look like it’s easy to keep up. Clean fences or paint them so they look appealing and in good repair. Your pasture should have two to four inches of grass showing rather than looking like the sheep just grazed through it. Trim trees, bushes and shrubbery to look manicured and neat.

Front pasture of horse property for sale

Green pastures and good fencing

In the barn, clean all surfaces, tidy up aisles, lofts and the tack room. Organized items make people feel relaxed and show them that they can find any item quickly and logically. Stow gear on racks, hooks or in totes. Label feed containers. Organize supplements and medical supplies. Replace anything that is broken, leaking or shoddy appearing. This would include roofing, siding, interior surfaces and shelving.

Covered Arenas look great after being raked

Covered Arenas look great after being raked

A load of gravel over unpaved traffic areas will go a long way to making  your property look serviceable and organized, not to mention cutting down on tracking sticky mud or powdery dirt into the house.

Imitate those pictures you see in the premier equine and property magazines so that a buyer will want to snatch up your Oregon Horse property on first viewing. I am committed to helping you attain a successful sell in as little time as possible. Contact me for more information on how to make your selling experience a smooth sale!



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