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A healthy horse is a happy horse. Every owner’s goal is to maintain optimum health and longevity for their animals. But given the immense variety of circumstances that can occur in boarding, traveling, working and breeding these animals, the subject of supplements will eventually need to be examined.

Before jumping into using supplements, particularly probiotics, you should make sure you understand your horse’s anatomy, particularly its digestive system. Then determine the quality and content of the feed you are providing. Finally, a thorough veterinary opinion on your horse’s general and specific health will combine to indicate if any supplements are called for, how much and what schedule of use is appropriate.

The Equerry Inc. line of equine health supplements is one product line that you will want to consider. They have been in the large animal supplement business for 26 years, beginning primarily with dairy cattle but refocusing their product line to horses in 1998. They follow current research in the equine field rather than shadowing trends in the supplement arena. Russ Paulson, the new owner of Equerry’s, cautions owners to not over-supplement their animals. He suggests finding a balanced quality formula and sticking with it rather than trying to mix and match supplements from various manufacturers. This will save you money and unnecessary waste products.

Russ Paulson hails from a long career in the horse products industry and owns horses and dogs himself. He is a wealth of information on horse health, feeding and supplements and welcomes any opportunity to discuss your animals’ needs with you.  He is excited about his products because the results are seen dramatically in the animals that use them. The products do not contain added elements, which drive up the prices. They contain basic probiotics and digestive enzymes blended for optimal use in your horse’s gut.

There are specialty products offered for specific concerns such as joint issues, high stress circumstances, pregnant mares, hoof maintenance, gut sand removal and newborn vitamin paste.  Equerry’s emphasizes quality in their product line and develops new products guided by scientific research and study. Russ can help educate you on how to determine your horse’s specific needs.

Equerry’s, a name taken from a 16th century term denoting a keeper of horses in a royal household, is a brand in the stable of products belonging to Animal Health Solutions Inc. Russ states that the company is in transition in its marketing efforts and will have a new website up by December 1, 2012. The Equerry product line is manufactured in Alsea, Oregon and is available online or through over 600 Oregon retailers. The website can direct you to the one nearest you. Calling the office phone will put you in touch with knowledgeable sales people who can assist you in purchasing the best-suited supplements for your animals. Russ also offers Horse Ownership Workshops through some of the retailers. His schedule is listed on the website. Give Equerry’s a call today at 1-888-921-2882.Your horse will love you for it.

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