Does Winter Trail Riding Leave You Cold?

Only the truly hardcore trail riders don parkas, slickers, chaps, earmuffs, waterproof gloves and plastic bags over riding helmets to brave the soggy, slippery, colorless trails of the Pacific Northwest for a pleasure ride. Not one of them? You’re not alone. Let’s explore alternatives that promote warmth and dryness yet offer exciting vistas with a horse.
Violet and me on trail

Popular reading lists of the best horse stories is a great place to start. There are a number of web sites offering favorite reading choices.

A number of my recent blogs have offered information on trail riding destinations in Oregon. Review them for a start on your summer plans for next year.

Local tack shops will be offering holiday specials as they gear up to end the year making a buck or two. Cash in on these deals for your equine needs or for gifts throughout the year for your horse friends and family. Retail therapy is always a great way to stem the winter blues!

Ground work and gait training in a covered arena could be a pleasant weather-beating activity. Here is a list of Salem, Oregon facilities to contact for your equine use.

Joining the local 40 Something Cowgirls organization will put you in touch with like-minded sisters on horses and present you with friendships and activities to fill your otherwise empty hours. They are a fun loving bunch of ladies who support women and their animals. See their Facebook page as well as Willamette Valley Horse Owners on Facebook. There’s enough enthusiasm there to keep you galloping all winter!

Stay warm and busy. It’s only five months until Spring and drier trails!



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