Winter Inspection Tour


Do you recall that “ant mentality” you acquired last fall when your Autumn Alert! list was completed? It’s time to review the checklist and maintain good vigilance on your animals and property in Oregon.

  • Walk around your outbuildings to check the gutters for late leaf drop. Get out that ladder and scoop for one last cleanup. Are the downspouts flowing (here in Oregon, I am sure they are!)  unobstructed? A garden hose on full force from the top can send debris tumbling out the bottom, leaving a clear path for the rainwater.
  • Take inventory of your hay supply. Is it lasting as long as you thought it would? Do you need to order in a boost supply?
  • How’s that runoff water doing? Is your French drain working like you want it to? Are there pools of water where they shouldn’t be? Can you determine solutions to work on next summer?
  • Check your bedding supply. With horses spending more time in their stalls, you’ll be using more material. Place a timely order to insure you’ll have the supply when you need more.
  • The smallest irregularity in a turnout can over time produce a rub spot or sore on your horse. Check their hide periodically for such problems and address them immediately to save a medical expense later.
  • Fences break down over time from weather and storm assault. Walk the fence lines, particularly after a windy spell, to locate any spots needing repair. This is especially useful in those areas unseen from your house.
  • Cold weather will naturally increase your animal’s need for additional feed to keep their temperature warm. Adjust the feed rations accordingly to maintain a healthy horse through the winter.
  • Mount a To Do List board near your tack or feed supply room so you can jot down all those little jobs that you noticed on your rounds. Summer memory can be sketchy and rainy day repairs later are aggravating. As you organize your work and address issues in a timely manner, you will enjoy the freedom of a well-earned day with your hobby or business.

Owning horse property in Oregon is a thrilling, enjoyful lifestyle.  it does come with some challenges, that can be minimized if you know what property features to look for, and how to address liabilities.



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