Willamette Valley Equine Veterinarians

When you are looking for Oregon horse property you will also want to consider some of the area’s resources that pertain to equine services. It’s never too early to begin investigating veterinarians who specialize in equine care if you are considering moving to Oregon. These are the professionals who limit their practice to horses so that they can offer greater skills and insights into your animals.

Consider creating a list of questions and concerns beforehand so that you can analytically compare the information various veterinarians provide to you. Depending on what you use your horses for, you will want to slant your questions towards that end. Because specialty vets see horses in a variety of situations they can offer unique information to address your concerns.

Listed below are some of the local vets and their websites as well as a general directory by city in Oregon so that you can find a professional near to where you live or want to live. Start your research before you actually need a vet so that when the time comes, you will be prepared to make a confident contact.

Salem Area Equine Vet Listing

Mike Stewart, Mobile

Salem Park Veterinary

Santiam Equine

Twin Oaks Vet Hospital

Oregon Vet Directory by City

I have only personally used a couple of these, however, it is best if you interview them and find the professional for you and your horses.


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