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Local business owner J.T. Woods runs an economical outbuilding construction business in Oregon with his father Tom Woods Jr. Econ-O-Fab Buildings offers pole construction buildings in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and purposes.

Pole buildings are different from steel or stick constructions in that they generally have no floor structure and distribute the weight of the building via posts and trusses rather than through the walls.  The two types of buildings are equally but differently engineered for safe load distribution, but the pole buildings offer significant savings in terms of construction time and materials.

Econ-O-Fab offers an economical solution to your outbuilding needs, especially those used for agricultural and equine purposes. Part of the cost savings are due to the ag/equine exemption from the permit process, meaning that no engineering plans or final inspections are needed. The buildings erected by Econ-O-Fab are exactly the same quality regardless of the need for a permit or not. They are as sturdy as steel or stick construction in weight bearing of snow, wind shear and other weather-related issues we face here in Oregon.

Additional savings are realized through the use of fewer, although heavier duty, trusses, metal siding that acts as both sheet and finish surfaces, no insulation and no floor or foundation. Many custom touches can be arranged, but the cost savings diminish with each added amenity.

Quick build times of three to five days for a 24’x24’ building mean that your design goes from idea to reality right before your eyes. If you need a permit because the building will be used as a shop or garage, implying human occupation or use, then the time lengthens up to a month or more.

JT suggests that you think ahead before calling him to arrange a project. Contact the county for information on setback requirements, flood plain areas and any other concerns that the county may bring to your attention. Firm up your design, size and use ideas such as overhead and sliding door clearances. Consider planning your building dimensions in ten and twelve foot multiples as that will make construction easiest and most economical. JT recommends that you check out the web site of engineering firm Alliance Engineering in Salem, Oregon for answers to many of the standard construction questions.

Being a third generation business owner gives JT the satisfaction of following his grandfather’s line of work. He enjoys being on site for the construction process because at the end of the day, there is a visual reward to his labors – a finished construction. The quick build times add to that satisfaction as does his contact with customers in designing and building their dreams.  He sees the economy’s future improving and expects to add more workers to keep up with the demand for economical outbuildings.

Contact JT Woods at 503-985-1808 or through Econ-O-Fab Buildings’ web site http://www.econofabbuildings.com



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