Our Trees are gone!

No, they weren’t stolen, we had 10 cut down by Oregon Woodsmen. They did an awesome job!

I was amazing to watch these guys work, their precision to drop a tree exactly where they wanted it to fall was unbelievable. They chipped up the smaller branches for us, so I could use the wood chips in other spots around the horse property, but we kept the larger branches for firewood. They trimmed up my smaller oak by the barn so it looked better too!

Some of the fir trees we had cut down.

The crash and thud when these big trees fall is quite a rush. It was obvious that logger Ryan and his crew felt like boys playing with their toy trucks on Christmas as the each tree fell. Me? I got way out of the way, but still close enough to take pictures.

So why did we do this? Well, for three reasons.

  1. A few were in bad shape and were going to fall anyway, possibly on our house.
  2. One nice oak tree hung over my barn. Every big windstorm I made sure not to leave the horses in the barn. I was just to worried it would come down.
  3. Someday soon, we plan on building a new house on the property, and ripping down the old one. I just couldn’t see leaving a few of the trees right around the new building site, only to have them fall on the new house some day!
  4. I just thought of a 4th reason! We buy firewood every year. We are covered for the next 3 years now!

If you need trees limbed, or cut down, I highly recommend Oregon Woodsman for the job.



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