Natural Horse Products Worth a Look

Frank Lampley of Pennsylvania founded a company decades ago to develop and supply equine and bovine supplements. He formulates his various offerings from vitamins and minerals in powder forms for specific uses.  Horsemen who use them speak highly of the results they obtain in reaching and maintaining good health for their animals

A horse trainer here in Oregon who has uses the products for over 20 years claims that their high potency and chelated formulation work to build a healthy immune system and to help horses recover from illnesses without the use of antibiotics.  She sees these products used consistently as an alternative to veterinarian visits and drug therapies in her business .

Natural Horse Supplement

An example given of the efficacy of the Vitamix product, “a  concentrated blend of Vitamins A,E,C, Folic Acid, B Vitamins, Chelated Minerals and Electrolytes” in a direct feed form, was when a horse was noted with a temperature and snotty nose. The animal was immediately started on Vitamix four to six times a day. Within hours of starting this product, the temperature dropped to normal and within seven to ten days all symptoms were gone. No antibiotics were given during this time of treatment.

If you are exploring alternatives for positive health care and maintenance for your horses, consider checking out the Lampley products. By way of disclaimer, “these products have not been evaluated by the FDA and Frank Lampley’s Products are not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.” See  your veterinarian for medical opinions about any equine health or injury concerns.


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  1. We have used Frank Lampley products for 30 years and we are NEVER without them. Miracles in a tub/jar/bottle. He was a blessing to animal husbandry and practiced ANIMAL HEALTH vs animal disease practiced by the Amer Vet Assn.

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