Ewe Bet!

Retirement can bring opportunities to pursue dreams or long-deferred projects. An out-of-state homebuyer did just that when I was able to help her locate and buy a farm several years ago in Lebanon, Oregon.  This country property was ideal for her pursuit of training sheep herding dogs for competitions. Of course, one needs sheep for this enterprise, so she purchased a suitable flock of sheep for the dogs to practice herding.

Helping to find the right country home

After developing her training property, she realized that additional space would offer her more options in raising and handling the sheep. She began watching for property to come on the market and noticed that some adjacent acreage appeared to be available. She called me to inquire about purchasing it. I was able to arrange for her to buy the two additional acres. Now she has room to grow her flock and maintain separate areas for young lambs and older ewes. The dogs are happy for the space and the sheep have more room to roam. The wait was worth it and I have another happy client.

Let me help you realize your dream project through a country property purchase in Oregon. I am happy to consult with you and recommend available and suitable land.


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