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Horse trail in Salem Oregon. The Miller Brothers Ranch, east of Salem, Oregon is a privately owned 100-acre ranch with horse boarding stables on the property. In an interview with the owner, Dan Miller, it was described as “six miles of rough trails covering level and hilly terrain with brush along the trail sides and a creek at the bottom of the property.” There is a charge of $5 per horse per day to ride on this land. Riders pay on the honor system at a coin box in the corner of the barn. A sign will explain the terms.

The trailhead is at the boarding stables, further up the road from the house. The barn is large and red with a sign stating “Miller Brothers Boarding Stable”. There is a sign at the property line directing riders to the appropriate loading zone. The trails are open “all the time unless otherwise posted”, according to Mr. Miller.  The parking area is grassy, but always mowed.  I would personally wait for the ground to dry out, as the trails get slippery in the wetter months.

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On occasion, the property is closed for private or ticketed events, in which case the trails are not available to riders. There will be signs indicating these events at the property, but there is no website or other information link to check before going. Mr. Miller declined to have his phone number made public so a trip out to the ranch comes with the risk of having to turn elsewhere for a ride.

The ranch is located 10 miles east of Salem at 9905 Edmundson Drive, S.E., Salem, Oregon. As with all private property, please respect the facility and environs, stay on the established trails, note any downed fencing and notify the owner if possible and keep your animals under control. Private property trails are a privilege to enjoy and responsible use of them will make them available to future riders.

Miller Brothers offer a close in trail riding option, ideal for quick trips after work or to save on gas money for local horse owners in and around Salem, Oregon.


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  1. Hi Catherine! How have you been doing? If you find a good place for winter boarding, let me know!
    It sounds like you’ve been to the Miller Ranch from your review. I was wondering if you know if there’s an arena here. Our riding club is looking for a venue for a weekend camp with a clinician. My husband went to a function held on this property and thought it might be suitable for our September horse camp.
    ~Debbie Swogger

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