Horse Camping in Oregon State Parks

Horse Camping in Oregon State Parks

Do you take a chance and buy a lottery ticket now and again? Do you dream of winning The Big One? Have you ever paid an entry fee at a State Park and wondered how that money was used? Do you question why there is a tax on your recreational vehicle? These are all sources of funding for the Oregon State Parks system. You can enjoy the benefits of this money by taking your horse and riding the trails in various scenic areas of Oregon.

The Oregon State Parks system maintains 8 horse camping parks for your use. They are spread throughout scenic areas of Oregon, are quite affordable and provide the opportunity to explore the distinctive geographical districts of the state. Investigate the north and south coastal beaches, southern and eastern Oregon high desert, the Willamette Valley and the northwest coastal range. The camping fees vary from site to site but generally fall in the range of $17 per night plus an $8 reservation fee. Some of the sites are open seasonally while others are year-round. They all offer potable water sources, picnic tables, 10×10 foot corrals and fire pits. You must use local firewood to avoid introducing foreign bugs to the areas. The campgrounds have a variety of toilet and showering facilities, usually tending toward the more primitive modes of vault toilets and no showers. Research an individual campground for the specific offerings.

Ballards Beach S.P. and Cape Blanco S.P. are situated on the southern coast of Oregon, and offer up to 7 miles of trails plus beach access with varying distances. Nehalem Bay S.P. on the north Oregon coast provides 6 miles of trails as well as beach access. Collier S.P. is in the interior of southern Oregon near Klamath Falls. It offers ten miles of multi-use trails that connect to Kimball State Recreation Site in adjacent Winema National Forest. Emigrant Springs S.P. in Pendleton provides short trails with access to eastern Oregon’s rolling hills outside the park. This is also an area of wild horse herds and B.L.M. lands. Stub Stewart S.P., located in the forested coastal range of northwest Oregon has more than 20 miles of multi-use trails and connects to the historic 21 mile Banks-Vernonia trail, a former small scale train track bed joining the two towns. The Willamette Valley hosts two State Parks for horse camping. Silver Falls S.P. and Willamette Mission S. P. are within a short driving distance of the capital city and can be used on a day basis if that suits your time schedule.

Tiffany on Apache at a fall ride at Willamette Mission State Park

Take advantage of the State Park horse camping system in Oregon to explore the diverse terrain and consider Horse Property in Oregon to explore your equine and family needs. There are premium property offerings right now to make your move to Oregon permanent.


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