Equestrian Living Newsletter for Oregon

Looking for a place to advertise your tack, trailer or horse for sale? Maybe you have an equine-related business and need to spread the word!
Equestrian Living is a FREE enewsletter for horse folks in the greater Willamette Valley area. You can submit your free text ad or sign up to receive the monthly issue. Want to see last month’s issue?  Don’t worry, your information will not be shared with anyone else.


We are looking for local horse stories to share with other people just like you. There is so much doom and gloom in the main stream media, it’s time we spread some good news, with a touch of horse! So, maybe you have grandchildren that just started to ride-send some pics and tell us about it! Maybe you just started riding yourself! Maybe you finally started to show or compete in other events this year. Perhaps you successfully rescued a horse?  Maybe you and your horse won a Gaming Series or your first championship ribbon? We want to congratulate you, who knows, you just might inspire someone else!


I look forward to hearing about your equine adventures, and please feel free to email newsletter@homeswithhorsesense.com with any freelance articles you would like to share.  Let’s support our local horse owners in the greater Willamette Valley of Oregon, their businesses and their equine adventures!

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