Relocating to Oregon with horses

Moving is a lot of work! Sorting through your belongings, trying to decide what you can get rid of, boxing everything, packing it up. And then you add moving with horses and it can seem overwhelming!

Will you be purchasing horse property in Oregon and moving your horses to the new property right away?  Or will you be looking for a boarding facility until you can build a suitable barn?

Truck and trailer are ready to move to Oregon!

Oregon requires a “Certificate of Veterinary Inspection”, sometimes referred to as a “health certificate” for any horse brought into the state.  Your vet will issue one before transporting the horses.  A copy will be sent to the State Veterinary office in Oregon by your vet.  This will show that your horse was in good health prior to leaving your current state.  You may want to contact your vet several months prior to your move date, just in case your horse will require vaccines before you travel.  It’s better to plan ahead.  You should also carry proof of ownership, copies of registration papers and microchip information with you as well.

You will also want to contact the Oregon State Veterinary Clinic at 503-986-4679 to verify the latest requirements, as they can change anytime.

Ownership, or brand inspections for horses entering the state are currently voluntary, for $30 for as long as you own the horse.

You may want to visit these sites as well for further details:

Oregon Department of Agriculture

Horse Hotels

Small Acreage Management

Equine Warning Law

Animal Protection Law

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