Save money and time when buying acreage around Salem Oregon

So you have decided to buy acreage around Salem Oregon.   Congratulations!   Now what do you do?

You could spend weeks going through what few ads are left in the paper, but I am guessing since you are reading this blog online, you won’t.

You could spend about 1200 hours sifting through 39 websites to find just the right house. When you send an email to request more details, no one answers your email. If you call the number in the listing, no one answers. You leave a message.  No one calls you back.

Someone calls you back about that property for sale! Yeah! But, it sold 6 months ago. What the heck, why is it still on the web?

You drive around looking for the “for sale” signs. When you call on a property that looks appealing, you find out it’s pending. Bummer. Oops, missed that one!

Stop wasting money when buying acreage in Oregon

Somebody at work tells you about their parents place for sale. No agents, just call them to see it. Might be a good deal your are thinking! You go to see it and notice that the driveway is split with the neighbor, the ceiling has been patched and the owners tell you that because they aren’t using an agent to sell the place, they are passing the savings on to you, a total stranger. Why wouldn’t they save that money for themselves you wonder? When you ask about the driveway, they tell you that they just have a “neighborly” agreement to maintain it, even though the road belongs to the neighbor. Huh. No red flags there!

Ok, now that you have wasted 3 months of your time and interest rates have gone up 3/4 of a point (depending on the price range you are looking in, and what rate you qualify for, that could mean a difference of $113-$225 or more a month in your monthly payments), you are totally frustrated and don’t know where to turn for help.

Email me!  Did you know:

  • My services to you as your Buyer’s Agent are FREE?
  •  I am with you from the beginning to the end. From searching for property and setting you up to recieve automatic nofications of brand new listings,to showing it to you potential property, to pointing out potential red flags, to writing the offer, to assisting with negotiations, opening escrow, coordinating inspections, working through speed bumps during the escrow period (almost every sale has them), attending closing with you, answering your questions, the list goes on! 
  • Provide you with references that you can call and ask how I help people like you! 
  • I only show you the houses YOU want to see, I won’t force you to only look at the properties I have for sale. 

So shoot me an email and let’s get started before you waste more time and money!

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