Spring is in the Air for Oregon Acreage Property!

Thinking of selling your acreage property this year in Oregon?

If you are like most property owners in the last 2 years, you are probably tired of hearing all the doom and gloom real estate reports.  Me too!

Well guess what, ask any real estate broker (worth their weight) how the market is right now.  I bet they will tell you the same thing I am going to tell you.  Things are busy!  More buyers, more sellers, more activity!  Yeah!  Does this mean that owners of acreage property around Salem Oregon are seeing prices rebound to the 2007 value?  NO.  But it does mean that acreage sellers have hope!  Hope that buyers are buying again!   Hope that they can sell their property, and hope that they can move on with their lives.

Views from Horse Pasture South Salem Oregon

Oregon Acreage Real Estate market showing improvement

The hope goes a little further than the seller too. Stimulating the economy is a natural occurrence when properties are sold around here.  The mortgage broker gets paid, the inspector gets paid, the escrow company gets paid, the contractors get paid, the appraiser gets paid, the real estate brokers get paid.  And  my guess is that the furniture stores sell a few new items, along with our local feed stores selling some new fencing, gates, stall mats and buckets.  And somewhere in the mix some contractors get hired to build barns, install fencing and water lines, maybe gravel for a driveway or base for heavy use areas.  The list goes on and on.

If you are ready to sell your acreage property around Salem Oregon in this improving market, let me know.

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