Tuffing out the Rain for a trail ride in Oregon

It’s been raining for months around here in the Willamette Valley of Oregon.  I am tired of waiting for the sun to come out and trail riding season to being.  So, yesterday, a good friend of mine Tiffany went trail riding with me down at Elijah Bristow.

My Doberman Faith

We took the dogs, they love to go on trail rides.  Of course they got wet, and muddy, but it was worth it.

Doodles on the trail

And we had to stop at the best photo opp along the River Trail, next to the Willamette River.

Catherine Ulrey and Violet

My young mare, Violet, was a good girl.  She doesn’t have a lot of miles on her yet, so I am always excited when she is a good girl. She had to navigate around some fallen trees, which she hesitate about at first.  But she did great!  And I managed to stay in the saddle, so I am extra happy about that!

Tiffany and Apache

If you have not ridden at Elijah Bristow outside of Eugene before, I highly recommend it.  I like to use it at the beginning of the year to get the horses conditioned for bigger rides or for young horses that need more trail experience.  The trails are flat, most of the trail surface has small, crushed rock, and there are safe bridge crossings that make for great training.

Footing on the trail through restoration area

Well, it’s back to selling acreage real estate today.  If you are looking to buy acreage around the greater Salem Oregon area, let me know!

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