Fun at the 2011 Oregon Equine Expo

Another huge success at for the NW Equine Expo this year!

2011 NW Equine Expo Horse Barn

If you live in the Northwest and have an admiration for horses, you probably know all about the Equine Expo held in Albany Oregon every year. From the shopping, breed demonstrations, clinics, lectures and entertainment there is something for every horse fan.

I attended 2 of the 3 days, making sure to attend Friday for the best shopping deals. I did not see as many
“deals” as there have been over the years. I look forward to the Gallops booth, but they were not there this year. I did find the Vienna Side Reins I need, at a premium price in the Red Mare booth. Of course I stocked up on 40 Something Cowgirl attire! That 15% member discount came in handy there. And the Equerry’s booth is always a must, there supplements are made right here in Oregon and I love to support local businesses!

Jane Savoie’s clinics and lecture were amazing! I could listen to her teach all day. I can not wait to practice what she taught us about suppling the horse using the “turn the key” method. I also picked up the last copy of “That Winning Feeling” that she had in the booth. Can’t wait to read it, might even start today! What an amazing woman, teacher and horsewoman.

The best part of the Oregon Equine Expo? Seeing all the familiar faces of course! When I started in the first building, I would make it through 3-4 booths, and run into someone I knew. Then, 3 or 4 booths later, another familiar face! It was like an Oregon Horse Owners Reunion! Had a blast seeing people I use to trail ride with 7 years ago, past clients that have bought or sold horse property with me, trainers and other equine business associates. Can’t wait for next year!

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