Do you like Being told what to do with your horse in Oregon?

Horse Owners in Oregon Facing More restrictions!

Ever wanted to go to a regional show and it just so happens to fall on a weekend, so you get Friday off of work, travel to say Spokane, Boise or Northern CA.  Get your horse settled and unload the trailer, show all weekend and then hit the road Sunday after your last class.  You get home in the middle of the night, put your horse out and catch a few hours of sleep before work Monday morning. Well, if Senate Bill 262 passes, you won’t be able to pull this off anymore!  As of the current draft, you will have to stop every 8 hours and rest your horse out of the trailer for 6 hours.  You will also have to register each horse you own and pay a fee of course.

There are many ‘safety’ aspects to the bill, that good horsemen, and horsewomen, already follow.  Such as restricting horses from being hauled in a multi-layer trailer and providing the horse adequate room to be transported.  I think we can all agree on those regulations without being told, but for the few that can’t, they aren’t going to stop just because we pay a registration fee for each horse we own.

Trainer Carrie Allen shared very good points with me this week.  The state will spend more money hiring employees to enforce new regulations.  Aren’t we already in debt as a state?  Why are we spending more money?  That’s like a horseman without income deciding to buy a $100,000 show horse.  Doesn’t make financial sense.   Carrie also referenced the 6 hour rest spots.  Who is going to pay to build and maintain those facilities?

I am personally concerned that once we are required to register each horse, who knows what’s next?  Each chicken, goat and pig?  And what about rank horses that you were lucky to load in the first place.  They are hauled loose until you get them home before training starts.  There is no way I would unload a BLM or green horse that is not trained to haul until I reach my final destination.

Alternatives are being proposed, so please speak up and offer your input.  Oregon horsemen and women have an opportunity to decide what we can and can’t do with our horses.  If you don’t speak up, the government will speak up for you.  Please visit Willamette Valley Horse Owners to hear the latest as we have several informed horse owners sharing updates.

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