Salem Keizer Acreage Homes Taking Less Time to Sell

Salem Keizer Oregon Acreage Homes Starting to Sell Faster

2010 seemed to bring better news to sellers as the year came to a close.  Sellers of homes on acreage in the Salem and Keizer Oregon area started to sell their properties slightly faster in December, with an average of 209 Days on the Market.  This was 81 days faster than November sales, and 52 days faster than October.  The average sales price was also much higher at $389,000, vs. $317,000 in October and $316,448 in November.

It wasn’t all smiles for sellers in December though.  Sellers on average saw just 90% of their asking price.  Competition also increased as 17 new listings were added to the market with an average asking price of $356,888.  Chart below shows the percentage of list to sale ratio.

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