Why can’t I search just for Salem Oregon Horse properties that have an arena?

Why can’t I search only for property with arenas in Salem Oregon?

What a great question!  To discover the answer, we have to go back to the source of the information first.

When searching for property around areas like Salem, Silverton, Stayton, Turner, Jefferson, Albany and Dallas Oregon the listing data comes from the Willamette Valley MLS.  When the sellers place there property on the market with any agent, the MLS listing forms do not have a category for arenas, #of stalls, etc.  They do have a section to select for “barns” but as you have probably discovered, some agents check this, even when the outbuilding is a simple 6×6 goat shelter.  So that doesn’t really help.  There is also a section to select for what type of Home OwnerHorse Barn with 3 stalls in Oregon Association amenities are included, including Equestrian, Golf, Swimming Pools, etc.   Technically, very few properties here in the valley have HOA Equestrian facilities, so most agents do not select the Equestrian category.  Most of the horse friendly property we have is private, without shared facilities.

Once a property is listed and entered into MLS, it is fed into the IDX, assuming the seller agreed to have their listing shared on various real estate websites.  I don’t know why a seller would not want the additional exposure, but it is possible for them to say no.  Anyway, This is where you would typically do your public searches for property, on hundreds of websites large and small.  Most are very limited by the search criteria that you can sort the properties by.  But let’s say you wanted to sort by a very specific criteria, like the # of horse stalls.  Even if the site you are using to search asked you “how many stalls would you like?” your results would come up “zero” because the original MLS (at least for our area) does not contain this data category. 

So, how are you suppose to efficiently find  a horse property that will suit your specific needs?  It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Find a local real estate broker that specializes in horse property.  They typically know the inventory very well, but also know of property not on the open market yet, so you can get a jump start before everyone else on the best deals!  By the way there is typically no fee for this service, so what do you have to lose?  Of course I have to recommend HomesWithHorseSense serving the local horse community around Salem Oregon!
  2. Describe the ideal property to your broker so that they can find just the right set up for you.  How many acres would you like?  Will you be boarding or using the property for personal use?  What minimum size arena and type of footing do you need for your discipline?  How many stalls would you like?  Tack rooms?  How many tons of hay do you need room to store?  Would you like nearby trails?  What about trailer parking?  And does the house even matter?  Also decide if you are willing to build any of these amenities should you find the perfect piece of land.
  3. Have your equestrian real estate broker instantly notify you when new equine appropriate listings do hit the market via email.  You can review the listing or even drive by the area to make sure it will work before setting an appointment to view with your broker.

How simple is that?  The listings just appear in your inbox, saving you hours of search time on the internet and magazines, so you have more time to ride!  (or clean stalls, feed, groom, etc)

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