Inspiration from Zenyatta

The economy is down, many are out of jobs, many have lost their homes, politics are a mess, crime is up, the world is in turmoil.  Every once and awhile, someone, or some animal comes along to give us all hope.  Hope that we can still dream, hope that it is possible to succeed.

If you don’t know anything about horse racing, that’s ok. All you need to know is that most Thoroughbreds start their career around the age of 2. If they are lucky enough to avoid respiratory illnesses, injury, survive training and have the physical ability to race, not to mention the mental strength to want to win, they may actually have a profitable career. Many of the yearlings are sold at auctions in excess of $100,000. Zenyatta happened to sell for just $60,000 because she had ringworm. What a glamorous way to start a racing career. My point is that the odds of having a successful race horse, are slim to none Having one like Zenyatta takes something special.

The mare is now 6 years old, and runs again today in the Breeder’s Cup Classic. While I doubt any of us have her perfect record, 19-0, we may have a lot in common with her.

  • She was born on April Fool’s Day
  • She stands 17.2 hands, while the average Thoroughbred race horse stands around 16 hands. For her size, she should physically not be able to go the distance she does.
  • Her race today is on dirt, not the synthetic footing she is use to.
  • Her racing career didn’t even start until she was a long 3 year old.
  • Her current racing record is 100% wins, 19 of them. It is hard enough to have a horse that wins 1 race, forget 19 in a row.
  • She has already won the Breeder’s Cup Classic in 2009. No horse has ever won twice.Today, she runs against 11 other horses, all boys. This is VERY rare, male horses are typically faster.
  • What’s really inspiring about this horse is her running style. She is often at the back of the pack until just the right moment, when she decides to pass everyone by!

Much has been said about the fact that she likes to pose for pictures and dance for the spectators. Her usual jockey has made many comments on how we have not even seen all her gears yet. If you watch this horse run, it looks effortless, much like a canter because her strides are so long.

After Secretariat passed away, the autopsy showed he had an unusually large heart. While it was not weighed, it was measured. Those measurements have been compared to others, so the estimate of Secretariat’s heart is that it weighted 22 pounds, two and half times the normal size. I suspect, with the size of this mare, that her heart too is unusually large.

Do you have the “heart” for what lies ahead? Not just to survive, but to have fun along the way like Zenyatta does?

You may not own race horses, show horses or compete in anyway, but if you would like to have your horses live at home with you to enjoy on a daily basis, I would be happy to share my passion of helping horse owners find just the right property around Salem Oregon.

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