Thinking of Selling Your Salem Oregon Horse Property in 2011?

Plan on selling your Salem Oregon Horse Property next year?   Here are some quick tips to help you prepare now for maximum benefits in the spring.

  1. Clean Up – Removing excessive brush or limb piles now will allow the grass to grow back in the spring to avoid bare spots.
  2. Repair Fences – If you have any fences that need mending, now is a great time to get that done!  You will need to check them again in the early spring before you put your property on the market, but might as well get a jump start.  Buyers don’t like to see a long list of needed repairs when searching for acreage.  They are more likely to offer you a lower price to compensate.
  3. Access – For gravel driveways, grade them now to avoid bigger potholes.  Bring in a layer of fresh 3/4 minus too.  If your driveway is paved, fill any potholes or cracks to avoid further damage.

    Horse barn and house for sale Salem Oregon

    Two Stall Horse Barn with 2 paddocks

  4. Trees – If you have trees in front of your house, have them trimmed from the bottom up about 8 feet so buyers can actually see your house.   Also trim any limbs that are hanging over your house or barn.
  5. Control water flow – If you have gutters on your barn, make sure they are cleaned out to prevent overflow and erosion, we are suppose to have an extra wet winter here around Salem Oregon!  Also watch for areas that water collects in or near your barn and address the issue.
  6. Cobwebs – Brush down all cobwebs, this will make cleaning in the spring much faster.
  7. Manure – If you have an excessively large composting pile, have it spread in a pasture now.  You won’t even see it in a couple months.
  8. Green Grass – If you have a pasture near the house, or near the barn, pull the horses off of it in now, or at least by December to allow the grass to grow.  Bare, muddy turnouts are unsightly and don’t make for good marketing pictures.
  9. Deep Clean – If you haven’t thoroughly cleaned your barn in the last 5 years, you probably have lots of things you don’t even use in there.  Start to clean out unused items, sell them, box them up or donate them.  You want buyers to see how spacious your barn is, that they will have plenty of room for their tack and equipment to be nicely organized.
  10. Remember, selling acreage property takes a lot of preparation, so anything you can do now to get a jump start on next year will be in your favor.  Things like painting, pressure washing and landscape preparation await you in the spring!

If you would like a complimentary “to do” list of what you can do to prepare your property for the real estate market, I would be happy to provide you a customized list.  Just email or facebook me.  Read more about selling your Oregon Horse Property.

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