Safety Reminder for Oregon Horse Owners

After hearing about the loose horse on HWY 99 Friday night, I thought we should discuss safety measures to keep this

Check your horse fencing in Oregon

from happening to our beloved equines.  While I do not know why this horse was loose, we can still learn from this tragic event here in the Willamette Valley.

  1. Install a secure, perimeter fence on your property.  Make sure you have a gate with a horse-proof latch and use it.
  2. If you don’t want to fence  your entire property, or can not afford it, at least ensure that the livestock portion of your property is securely fenced.  If a horse does get loose, it will still be contained in the barn area.
  3. Check your existing fences for weak spots, clear brush off electric fences and use a fence tester to ensure power.
  4. Planting a solid hedge on the outside of a fence that borders a busy road can discourage a horse from running right through.  Make sure that whatever you plant is not poisonous.
  5. Consider running  single strand of hot wire on the top-inside of your current fence if it is not electrified.  This will discourage leaning and chewing on a wood fence, ensuring your existing fence will last for many years.

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