Buying Acreage Foreclosures around Salem Oregon

Buying Acreage Foreclosures and Horse Property near Salem Oregon

Buying real estate, of any kind, can be quite the process.  Buying acreage or horse property has additional points to

Buying Foreclosed Acreage around Salem Oregon

Buying foreclosed acreage around Salem Oregon

consider.  Buying foreclosed acreage can be a risk for the buyer.  While there are many acreage foreclosures currently on the market around Salem Oregon that will work for you and your horses, consider the following point to reduce your risk of future headaches and financial risk.

  • Contact the county Planning and Building Department to ask as many questions as you can about the property in consideration.
  • Talk to neighbors to attempt to learn anything they may know about the property.
  • Make sure you have a good septic inspection that provides a sketch of the lines, tank and drain field location.
  • The bank (as the owner) will be required to provide you with a purity test, but be sure to have a 4 hour flow test completed as well.
  • Select a real estate agent that specializes in acreage property to assist you with the process.  This is usually free for buyers around the Salem Oregon area.
  • Your agent can pull up a history report to see how many times (if any) the property was previously on the market and for how much, in case the current asking price is still too high.

There are some great buys out there right now, so if you are ready to receive a list of acreage foreclosures around Salem Oregon, just let me know!

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