Home Remedies for Horses

Over the years I have heard of a few home remedies for treating various issues with horses. I am not a vet or farrier, but I do own multiple horses.

Tabasco Sauce – or your other favorite brand of hot sauce to paint on wood surfaces to prevent


Olive Oil – I have not tried this on my horse, but on myself! Rub into the coronet band, mane or tail when those areas are to dry. And no, I don’t personally have a mane, tail or coronet band, but I do have dry heels and elbows!

Vinegar – mix with water and use to rinse urine stains. This is on my to-do list for one of my horses.

Sanitary Napkins – Ok guys, don’t get to weirded out, but my old trail riding partner told me about this one. Feminine napkins make great band aids for horses. They are absorbent, large and cheap!

Recycle – watch what you through away in your kitchen. Washed out squeeze bottles work great for applying thrush treatments or other ointments. Coffee cans with lids work great for storing supplements (or grain when horse camping).

So what is your home remedy tip in caring for your horse?  I would love to hear what others have found to work over the years!  And if you are not from Salem Oregon that is ok too!

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