Average Sold Price by Number of Acres in Polk County Oregon

Average Sold Price by Number of Acres in Polk County Oregon

Go West! At least West of the Willamette River. Year to date, homes with between 1 and 3 acres in Polk County Oregon have sold for an average of $266,666, which is 89% of the asking price. It takes almost 7 months on average to get these properties sold.a

For homes situated on 3-6 acres, sellers saw better results, receiving 97% of their asking price, or $339,217. It also took less time than the smaller parcels, just 143 days. The most expensive properties sold in West Salem, followed by Dallas.

Acreage Sold Prices Polk County Oregon year to date 2010

Property of 6-10 acres took a little over 7 months to sell, at 226 days with an average price of $260,785. Several of these were in Sheridan and Willamina, further out from major metropolitan areas. There are little jobs in these areas, which keeps the prices down. But makes for a great place to live if you work from home or don’t have to work at all.

Polk County Oregon homes with 10-20 acres sold quite quickly this year, just 73 days on average. Property averaged $294,210 at the escrow table.

Acreage homes with 20 acres or more averaged a sales price of $669,816 but took a little over a year to sell at 382 days. These properties included locations such as Sheridan, Dallas, Monmouth, and Independence.  There was one sale at over $2 Million however that has skewed this number, without this sale, the average was just $353, 780.

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