Average price by number of acres in Marion County Oregon

Average price by number of acres in Marion County Oregon

Looking for a place to live for you and your horse but don’t know how much to pay for homes on acreage? For Marion County Oregon 2010 year to date acreage information, read on!

Marion County Oregon 2010 Year to Date Sold Price by # of Acres

Properties that have sold in Marion County Oregon between 1 and 3 acres have averaged a sold price tag of $330,275, that is 94% of the seller’s asking price of $351,793. Of course this takes into consideration all types of homes-old, new, stick built, manufactured, smelly and ones that smell great. By the way, the homes that did sell so far this year took an average of 141 days to sell.

Up to 3 acres isn’t enough? Good news! Homes of all types on 3-6 acres averaged a sold price of $364,964, not too

Acreage in Marion County Oregon

much more than smaller parcels. These sold just a little faster by the way, only 132 days on average.

How about 6-10 acre homes? The average sold price this year in Marion County Oregon was just $438,000 but it took on average 436 days to get it done.

So what if you have several horses, and you need more like 10-20 acres? Expect to pay an average of $409,790. These parcels often have older homes, so the price reflects that. Year to date these took an average of 131 days to sell.

Homes with more than 20 acres in Marion County Oregon took just an average of 108 days to sell, with an average asking price of $670,450, but the sellers received just 81% of that.

Would you like to see all available acreage homes for sale in Marion County Oregon right now?

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