Horses and Surgery Before Equine Real Estate In Oregon

So this doesn’t happen everyday, but something equine related usually makes it’s way into my daily routine before, during or after my real estate business. This particular hernia surgery happened to be scheduled, but we all know that our equine companions like to surprise us too.  Luckily I was able to meet with the vet late morning to get this taken care of, and then get back to work helping clients buy and sell horse property around the Willamette Valley later in the afternoon.

Tinkerbell's Hernia Surgery

This is Tinkerbell, my Oldenburg yearling.  Her daddy is Tiamo Tracadero, a backup horse for the British Olympic team in 2000.  I have wanted a TALL horse for sometime, and I believe Tinkerbell is finally the one to fit the bill.  I expect her to be over 17 hands.

Since I do not have a covered arena, my vet Dr. Scott simply schedule’s the surgery on a dry day, prop the horse in between a couple of hay bales and away he goes.  However, we had this particular surgery scheduled 3 times before he could actually perform the task.  This spring was so rainy, every time I thought we had a break in the weather, I was wrong.  But I am glad it is finally done without complications.

Would you guys just leave me alone?

As you can see Tinkerbell was quite relaxed and was content to sleep in the afternoon sun thanks to tranquilizers.  Since she was down (and doesn’t like her ears messed with) I took the opportunity to clip them.  So much easier than fighting to get it done!  It was finally time to get up, and Dr. Scott helped her to her stall as she performed the “I think I have been drinking” walk.  You have to wonder what is going through their mind as they wake up.

As a multiple horse and acreage owner, I understand the needs of horse owners when it

If you hold me up, I think I can stand.

comes to buying and selling horse property around Willamette Valley of Oregon.  I invite you to visit my site specifically designed to help horse owners like you at

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