8 Ways to blissfully enjoy country living with your horse

Save your hard-earned cash with these tips to relax, bond and simply enjoy what you have to the fullest.

  1. Take a cue from your horse-enjoy a 20 minute nap in the pasture on a sunny afternoon.
  2. After a long day at work, just sit in the stall as your horse munches on his hay for 5-10 minutes.  This is a great way to wind down.
  3. Groom your equine partner.  Not only is this soothing for him/her, but it gives you a little piece of mind that he/she is pampered.
  4. Squeezing physical exersize in our schedule can be tough.  Halter your horse and go for a walk.  Great exersize for us, bonding with the horse and if there is a little grass along the way it becomes a treat!
  5. Take a leisure trail ride without working on collection, haunch turns or rhythm.
  6. Plant a small vegetable garden and grow carrots.
  7. Do you have wild blackberries around your property?  Pick a handful to add to the evening feed.  I don’t recommend feeding as a treat by hand, you will be stained purple for a week!
  8. Share you compost manure pile with all of your city friends in need of fertilizer.

This is just a sampling of many ways to enjoy the country life with your horse.  To explore your options on becoming a property owner in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, visit my site  http://www.HomesWithHorseSense.comI look forward to hearing from you and your horse.

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